How Much Can YOU Benefit From Blockchain In The Food Supply Chain? Take The Quiz To Find Out!

1 May 2019   |   Readtime: 1 Min.

Over the past few weeks, we have defined blockchain and explored the plentiful benefits of implementing blockchain in combination with smart sensors across your food supply chain, both from a financial/sustainability perspective as well as from a product integrity and food safety point of view.

But because blockchain in the food industry is such a new technology with only announcements of early trials, pilots, and stated intentions, it is hard to know if and how much you would benefit from taking the plunge.

So, we put together a little 10-question quiz that walks you through the top ten most critical success factors that will determine your benefit potential. While the quiz only takes a few minutes to complete, don't be fooled: you will gain valuable insights and walk away with some tangible next steps and tips on how to get started.


I hope you enjoy the quiz and I would love to hear your feedback! Was this helpful? Would you like to dive deeper? Please reach out to me via email, LinkedIn, or in the comments below.


Bob Burrows

CEO & Founder of Chainvu

As the CEO and founder of Chainvu, Bob is passionate about the safety and sustainability impact in the food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Did you know that 35% of food in North America doesn’t make it to the table? Chainvu gives the entire supply chain actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products live at every step. Our solution is embedded and proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage, reduce labour & waste, and improve product quality. Prior to Chainvu, Bob has over two decades of experience as a serial intrapreneur and entrepreneur achieving global leadership in digital networking products, and large-scale communications services. Bob holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an M. Sc. in Business from the Sloan School at MIT.


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