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What Your Boss Needs To Know About Blockchain In The Food Supply Chain

What is the first thing that comes to mind when an executive hears the term "blockchain"? Very few C-level managers in the...

7 Oct 2019 by Bob Burrows

How Blockchain Improves The Sustainability Of Your Food Supply Chain

Implementing blockchain in your food supply chain has many advantages — mainly the increase in visibility, transparency,...

2 Oct 2019 by Bob Burrows

To Successfully Implement Blockchain, The Food Industry Must Change Its Mindset

Let's face it: the food industry isn't known for its open collaboration among competitors! In fact, since the...

1 Oct 2019 by Bob Burrows

5 Blockchain-Generated Data Points You Will Want To Share With Your Consumers

According to a recent study by Label Insight/Food Marketing Institute/Hartman Group, three out of four consumers (up from...

27 Aug 2019 by Bob Burrows

WEF: Where Food Safety & Supply Chain Management Are Going

About a month ago, I had the great honor and pleasure to be invited to join the World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting of the...

21 Aug 2019 by Bob Burrows

What's Really Behind Your Customers' Demand For Traceability

The food industry is on the cusp of a brave, new world. For the first time since the the "good old days" when consumers...

5 Aug 2019 by Aiman Hasan

Top 5 Challenges Blockchain Adoption Faces In The Food Industry

According to Gartner's Hype Cycle, blockchain in the supply chain has just entered the so-called "Peak of Inflated...

23 Jul 2019 by Bob Burrows

Why Blockchain Isn't Fraud-Proof & How To Rectify It

One of the key tenets (and major benefits) of blockchain is that it is immutable. This is achieved by immediately...

19 Jul 2019 by Bob Burrows

How To Overcome The Food Supply Chain Blockchain Adoption Catch-22 Dilemma

This article was published first in the Food Safety Tech Magazine.

Have you ever heard the saying, “It takes a village to...

11 Jul 2019 by Bob Burrows

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