Chainvu CEO Invited To World Economic Forum Startup Program

27 May 2019   |   Readtime: 1 Min.

Last week was an emotional week as we reached a huge milestone as a start-up!

As the CEO of Chainvu, I have been invited to participate as a technology pioneer in the World Economic Forum's Startup Program from June 30th to July 3rd, 2019 in Dalian, People's Republic of China, and we here at Chainvu couldn't be more thrilled!

When I founded Chainvu just over a year ago, my goal was to change the world by revolutionizing supply chain logistics — mainly in the food and pharmaceutical industries — by providing companies (and eventually customers) with actionable product visibility and 100% traceability every step of the way.

To achieve that, our solutions are tackling huge problems, for example, significantly reducing the enormous amounts of food waste and subsequently the tons of carbon emissions created by it. By implementing Chainvu, less food spoils, and potentially contaminated food can be identified swiftly and efficiently — without having to dispose of tons of perfectly safe products. Not only does this increase profitability and efficiency, but it also improves product integrity, trust, and sustainability.

Being recognized and invited by the World Economic Forum as the CEO of a company that is "involved in the development of life‑changing technologies and [which has] the potential for long‑term impact on business and society" — which is their definition of a technology pioneer — solidifies that we are on the right path!

Our mission has always been to make the food and pharma supply chains better, to reduce waste, improve product safety and provenance, take social responsibility, and enable consumers to make more ethical choices.

For us, this can only be done by improving transparency across the entire supply chain, not just for single companies as a lot of sensor solutions do. This builds trust, which in turn results in genuine collaboration and community. And blockchain, in combination with IoT-enabled smart sensors, are the enablers for this tidal shift.

This invitation is especially exciting as this year's theme of the Annual Meeting of the New Champions is Globalization 4.0 — a mantra that has been driving Chainvu from the start and an appropriate focus considering the unprecedented scale and speed of global change driven by various environmental challenges, social and economic injustice, and technological disruptions. No longer is the survival of the fittest a given. Now, the most collaborative emerges as a new operative — requiring a new level of mutual respect, leadership, and community building.

We hope (and strongly believe) that by participating, we can make an even bigger impact and facilitate real change! We will keep you informed about the development and progress in the coming weeks — so stay tuned.



Bob Burrows

CEO & Founder of Chainvu

As the CEO and founder of Chainvu, Bob is passionate about the safety and sustainability impact in the food and pharmaceutical supply chains. Did you know that 35% of food in North America doesn’t make it to the table? Chainvu gives the entire supply chain actionable product visibility and 100% traceability of products live at every step. Our solution is embedded and proactive, providing immediate notifications to prevent damage, reduce labour & waste, and improve product quality. Prior to Chainvu, Bob has over two decades of experience as a serial intrapreneur and entrepreneur achieving global leadership in digital networking products, and large-scale communications services. Bob holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an M. Sc. in Business from the Sloan School at MIT.


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